Why MXM?

Customer Experience Management



Every day MXM captures feedback that systematically engages everyone: your customers, your frontline, and your leadership. 



MXM delivers the data to focus effort on creating spectacular member experiences. 



MXM helps build loyal customers, loyal customers bring friends, loyal customers stay longer, spend more money, and say great things about you even after they leave.     


Access your data any where, any time


MXM's compelling, intuitive format promotes situational awareness and helps you get things done by surfacing important trends and exceptions. Easily drill-down with just a couple of clicks. It should be simple to find the data you want. We make it easy.


Engage customers, get referrals

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Your customers love to be heard. MXM provides the tools to listen. In fact, customers who provide feedback are far more likely to recommend your business to others.

MXM has been a great tool for our club. We are able to know what our members are thinking in real time and to communicate with members to show that we care. It is also a valuable training tool for our department leaders.
— — Brent Frueh, Rochester Athletic Club