Club Solutions Magazine Guest Column, "Your Innovation Debt"

This week MXM's president, Blair McHaney, has a guest column over at Club Solutions Magazine! Titled "Your Innovation Debt," the article discusses how falling behind on innovative practices can cost you in the long run.

Companies have invisible “debts” that never see the balance sheet. If your company is not embracing technology you are building a “technology debt.” When organizations don’t refresh and replace equipment at a cadence that keeps up with ever-changing standards, it too is “debt.” These debts eventually get paid — sometimes by finally getting caught up, sometimes by losing customers — but they get paid.

The scariest “debt” is the “innovation debt” that builds when a company is not proactively driving changes. In order to tackle the “innovation debt,” it serves well to redefine innovation as any idea you adopt that adds value.
— "Your Innovation Debt" Blair McHaney

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