• They want to know how they are doing.  MXM makes it easy for them to know what the customers think and what to work on.
  • Your members will provide feedback that delivers the individual feedback that frontline staff crave.
  • The information is then displayed to highlight strengths and areas of improvement so frontline staff know what they need to do to improve.


Operationalize the customer experience!

Operationalize the customer experience!

  • They want to know how they can help their teams improve. MXM's transparency will allow them to see team performance, and make it easy to recognize and coach individual staff members.
  • Intuitive system for closing the loop with each member.
  • Alerts and efficient system design will guide their actions in the system.


  • MXM delivers transparency and accountability that drives improvement at all levels of the organization.
  • Understand what your members are really experiencing.
  • Unified reporting of customer experience gives executives the visibility they need to see how the organization is performing.
  • Benchmarking gives execs the clarity they need about weak spots in the business and how they are doing against the competition.


  • Your member's will feel listened to and will be delighted to have their problems solved.
  • Regular check-ins with your members will confirm you're delivering a great experience.
  • Make it easy to resolve customer issues when they emerge.
Perception is reality when it comes to customer experience