Employee Net Promoter Score

You hire great people to take care of your customers. Chances are you spent a ton of time making sure your staff have the right mix of skills, talents, & will fit your culture. So after they are hired, how do you know what they are thinking about their job and your company? How do they connect with YOU as the boss/owner?

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Team Engagement

Employee NPS through MXM/Medallia will help you KNOW how your employees feel and allows you to actively listen to their ideas, suggestions, and will provide insight into what your company culture really is like.



Employing an Operation Employee Listening system – and taking action on employee feedback – means higher productivity, lower turnover, and an improved customer experience!  Voice of Employee is just as important as Voice of Customer.


Employee Journey

CX Lens

Following MXM’s operational system WILL yield you better results:  happier employees, happier customers, and an extremely happy bottom line.