New Medallia User Interface!

Dear Medallia Users,

Between October 17 and 27, 2016, Medallia will launch a new interface that is cleaner, more readable, and more engaging. The updates include:

●    Clear and compelling interface that highlights what matters, with new visualizations and enhancements such as detailed hover boxes for a quick view of related data points

●    Simplicity in connecting with your customer, with emotion-evoking designs that help you understand your customer’s sentiment quickly

●    Modern look and feel, with new color palettes, spacing, typeface, and responsive screens that adjust to your browser size so the solution is easier on your eyes

While the refreshed interface is crisper and more contemporary, these changes are aesthetic. Existing functionality and workflows will not change. The transition to the new interface will be seamless, and no training will be necessary. The update will take place automatically.

We’re excited about the improved interface! Please reach out if you have any feedback or questions.


MXM Team