Manual Tagging is out! Case Management is in!

Some of you have already started using Case Management. What do you think? For the rest of you, please read on and take the plunge because this is happening people!

What is the Case Management System Upgrade?

  • It is a workflow to make handling an individual case easier and more effective.
  • The new workflow will replace manual tagging (sweeeet!)
  • Your historical manual tagging data will be preserved (sweeter!)
  • When the Case Management upgrade is combined with the new "Assign" upgrade - magic happens... 
  • Case Management will go live on May 1st. Sooooo.....if you are doing manual tags, get ready for a change! 
  • If you want to be one of the cool kids and "go live" with Case Management early we can turn it on for you today!  Email us at
  • All of these upgrades come with the hefty price tag of $0! 

Watch the video below to quickly learn how to use Case Management.