Medallia Mobile App Notification

Hi MXM'ers,

We are forwarding this notification from Medallia. 

Notifications in the Medallia mobile app are not working for Apple devices on iOS 10. A fix was submitted to the App Store today, and it will likely take a couple of days to be approved. 

  • Based on further research, it seems that on first login after installing the app, notifications work on iOS 10

  • If you logout and log back in, notifications stop working on iOS 10

  • We think that if you stayed logged in between upgrading from iOS 9 to iOS 10, you'll keep receiving notifications until you log out. This has not been validated yet.

While the full solution is pending, if anyone needs to demo on iOS 10, make sure you uninstall/reinstall the app, and login only once. If you logout for any reason, you will need to uninstall/reinstall to make notifications work again.

Sorry for the trouble. We expect a solution to be accomplished in just a few days.